Die Ejection Rubber Blue 9MM


  • MAKE: China
  • COLOR: Blue
  • THICKNESS: 9 mm
  • SHEET SIZE: 80×240 mm
  • HARDNESS: 35 Shore
  • SHAPE: Wave Cut Strips
  • SKIN: Back Side Self Adhesive
  • PACKING: 12 Sheets/Bundle
  • APPLICATION: Ejection Rubber gives Clean cutting edges  less angel hairs, High resistance to compression.

  • Self Adhesive back side.
  • Moderate hardness.
  • Convenient to stick.
  • Easy using and well exhausting can reduce the pressure that may be caused by the rules.
  • Ideal for Machine speeds over 9.000 sheets/hour.
  • Repeat runs and special applications with flatbed and rotary die cutters.
  • Extreme wear resistance → no intermediate maintenance necessary.
  • Less blade wear & dust formation.
  • Selecting suitable rubber hardness and size is very important according to the cutting machine, cutting speed and the condition our rubber contains latex.


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