Chase Die Locking Aluminum Furniture


  • MAKE: Indian
  • SIZE: 1*108, 2*72, 2*144, 3*72, 3*108, 3*144, 4*108, 6*72, 6*108, 8*108, 12*24, 12*72, 12*108, 15*72
  • MATERIAL: Aluminum
  • PACKING: 1 Pc.
  • APPLICATION:¬†Aluminum Furniture are used to fill up empty spaces in a chase so that type and base blocks (mounted with a die) can be locked firmly in the chase.
  • Aluminum Furniture are made from aluminum.
  • Furniture is often also made from wood or iron.
  • Wood is cheaper but the dimensions of the wooden pieces may vary because of temperature and humidity.
  • Iron (cast iron) is also cheap but can make the filled up chase very heavy.
  • So we have made the choice to provide only Aluminum pieces.


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