Solid Cup Punch


  • MAKE: China
  • HEIGHT: 23.80 MM
  • Size: 1 MM to 6 MM
  • Color: Black
  • TYPE: Solid Cup Punch
  • PACKING: 100 Pcs/Box
  • APPLICATION: Used to hole in Paper, Board, Sticker, Gasket, Spacers, Plastic, Fiber, Cloth dies.


  • For Paper, Board, Gaskets and like products which require exact cutting depths, our precision ground punches beat the competition hands down.
  • Our punches mean faster setup and less downtime because you get consistent quality, consistent sharpness, consistent long-life performance.
  • Made from high quality light carbon tubing.
  • Case hardened in a Vacuum Carbonitriding furnace.
  • An economical option to a machined punch !
  • They don’t lose their sharpness !
  • They don’t require replacement !
  • They don’t cost more !


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