Die 2PT Wave Rule T1-1X0.15


  • MAKE: China
  • THICKNESS: 2PT (0.71 MM)
  • SIZE: T1 (1X0.15)
  • HEIGHT: 23.80 MM
  • LENGTH: 1 MTR.
  • PACKING: 80 Pcs/Box
  • APPLICATION: Wave rule is used mainly for safety cutting edges on cardboard and corrugated board to avoid hand cuts during manual setup of the box. Can also be used to cut business cards, greeting cards, and post cards.
  • Wave Rule is engineered to reduce dust on today’s recycled boards.
  • Wave Rule is a super sleek ground edge that cuts with minimal pressure.
  • The edge is then waved with an extremely fine pattern that adds strength to the bevel and provides an edge which cuts at an angle to the shorter fibers.
  • The angled cut results in cleaner cutting as opposed to a tearing action that promotes dust.


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