Die 3PT Cut Crease Rule 23.80×1.05


  • MAKE: India
  • THICKNESS: 3PT (1.05 MM)
  • SIZE: 5 X 5, 8 X 8, 10 X 10, 12 X 12
  • CUT HEIGHT: 23.80 MM
  • CRESE HEIGHT: 22.50
  • WEIGHT: 13 Kgs.
  • PKT PACKING: 70 Pcs/Box
  • PKT DIMENSIONS: 102 x 8.5 x 3.5 CM
  • APPLICATION: Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Materials etc…
  • Cut-Crease steel rules cut grooves and make creases in a single operation
  • They are used on areas of cardboard boxes and packaging materials that are folded in the opposite direction of creases.
  • The type of blade and the length and depth of creases are selected according to the thickness and type of material to be cut.
  • With Cut-Crease rules there is no need to insert individual parts of cutting and creasing rules.
  • Cut-Crease Rules are available in many combination of Cut and Crease with exact same pitches.


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