Die 3PT AAA Cutting Rule LCB 23.80×1.05 Strip


  • MAKE: China
  • THICKNESS: 3PT (1.05 MM)
  • HEIGHT: 23.80 MM
  • Type: LCB / Center Face Double Bevel
  • EDGE TYPE: Black Edge Shaved
  • BODY HARDNESS: 400-450 HV
  • EDGE HARDNESS: 550-610 HV
  • LENGHT: 1 Mtr.
  • PKT PACKING: 70 Pcs/Box
  • PKT DIMENSIONS: 102 x 8.5 x 3.5 CM
  • APPLICATION: Corrugated Box, Straw Board, Duplex Board, Gasket, Plastic Etc…
  • Designed to provide long life without compromising formability. It can be bend to any geometrical shape.
  • The uniformity and quality of rule we supply can benefit you with lower press loads, dust-free cutting and reduction of make-ready time.
  • You can get immediate shipment on rule of the highest quality to meet your requirements for High Tolerances, Bending Properties and Durability.


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