Plastic Creasing Matrix


  • MAKE: Chinese
  • SIZE: 0.3×1.0, 0.4×1.1, 0.4X1.2, 0.4×1.3, 0.4×1.4, 0.5×1.5, 0.6×1.6, 0.8×2.5, 0.8×2.7, 1.00×3.00mm and more…
  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • BASE WIDTH: 9mm to 15 mm
  • LENGTH: 700 mm
  • PACKING: 48 Pcs/Box
  • APPLICATION: Usable in high-quality creasing of Paper, Duplex, Solid Board, Corrugated Board, Folding Carton Board etc…
  • Most cost effective and make ready time saver matrix with the widest range available.
  • New High Quality Adhesive.
  • No need for cleaning the plate.
  • Specially designed locators. Self-locating in the channel.
  • High Impact Plastic.
  • The very latest in polymer technology.
  • Extremely smooth shoulder profile for use on high-speed machines.


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