Die Patch Tape Yellow 80 Micron


  • MAKE : UK
  • COLOR : Yellow
  • THICKNESS: 80 Micron (0.08 mm)
  • WIDTH : 4-6 mm
  • REEL LENGTH : 25 Mtr. Per Reel
  • PACKING: 10 Pcs/Box
  • APPLICATION: Self Adhesive patch tape from Channel Matrix has been designed for use on a patch up sheet or directly on to the back of the die behind the cutting rule, to increase the pressure where required to achieve good cutting across the whole die.
  • The adhesive used on this tape has been specially formulated to ensure that it is easy to unroll from
    the reel, yet it will stick well to the patch up sheet, even when this is removed from the machine and
    rolled up.
  • The patch tape can also be layered stuck on top of itself.
  • Greater production reliability by ensuring optimum adhesion, even when using tape on tape
  • Even and easy unwinding: leaves no glue residue
  • Due to its exceptional hardness, it is ideal for long runs and repetitive jobs
  • Smooth operation of the machine with even pressure distribution


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